Welcome to Liverseed.ca.  This website is my personal blog. Sorry for the advertising on the front page.  I love building web sites and a web network. The old days of computers are going and it time to stay in step.

I have listed some of the items I sell and the connections to the products

Earl Liverseed Enterprises is was set up as the hub of the different services that I sell. I have PayPal and have sold many web site design, cell-boosters, and signage to help small business in Bancroft Ontario

CellPhone Mate Header
Cell booster 4
Web Site Design Bancroft

Mission Statement

My Mission is to help People and Business using; Wireless, Cellular and Internet to communicate with the world.  I balance my mission with enjoying life, loving and striving to be happy.


My Vision is to give people and business the opportunity to communicate on the web through: Web Sites, Google, FaceBook profiles and communicate safely.