The Mouse Trap;

The problem with mouse traps they only catch one mouse at a time. This trap will catch 20 or more at a time.  Great for cottages and garages. Have fun and good luck. I have been using this for 25 years. Make sure the mice have to bend and reach for the peanut butter so slip in the antifreeze and drown.  There is not pain with this process.  The mice natural instinct is to swallow the antifreeze and inhale it to drown in seconds.

No smell, no blood just dead mice and bury them in a deep hole so the natural predators do not eat them.  DO NOT put them in the garbage or dump.  If other animals eat them the predators will die.  Lets just get rid of the mice.

Mouse Trap 1_1 Mouse Trap 1_2 Mouse Trap 1_3 Mouse Trap 1_4