Stan Meyer’s Water Powered Dune Buggy  

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A video clip of the famous one time
aired newscast you were not to see. 1998

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A video clip of “It Runs on Water”
the Equinox TV program
from the UK, 1995, featuring Stanley.

Stan Meyer’s Dune Buggy that ran on water. Hydrogen/Oxygen fuel in an ICE motor. On board electrolysis, no hydrogen tanks, no bombs on-board, just water. (1998) It ran 100 miles per gallon! The 2nd best inventor of the Century, besides Tesla, who was and will always be #1. Stan is the mustard seed of Water Powered Cars! The video left above is a one timed aired news cast, from his home town of Grove City , Ohio that you are not to view. The video screen to the right is a segment of the Equinox program about Stanley aired back in Dec. 1995 (approx.) See the entire program entitled “It Runs on Water” narrated by Arthur C. Clarke in video clips below.
It is in 4 parts, made possible by Andy the WizardKing from Blackpool, England.

(9/2014 update) Stan’s dune buggy is in Canada, it was bought off the Holbrook family for a down payment and royalty of the duplicating was to follow, but was taken to Canada, so the corp. would not have to ay any more money. Stephen Meyer is alive and knew as much as Stan did. An eye witness to the dune buggy sale said the VW engine ran beautifully, they did NOT run it for many buyers. They told most buyers it did not run. It was stored in a 2 story building, with no doors, sealed in a room so no ne could steal it! Stan’s last experiment with that same buggy was running the engine on charged water from his resonant chamber powered by his VIC circuit. Instead of gas into the carb., it ran charged water, much like what Steve Ryan from NZ did with is HHO running motorcycle. The VW engine had to be cleaned out with light oil, as to not damage the engine, as the charged deuterium level water put out NH3 fumes (ammonia) from the burning H3 and nitrogen from the air had a reaction to produce a putrid smell of ammonia, the only draw back. Though ran well and the timing was set right. NO GASOLINE, just water. You can see why Stan was taken out, he threatened the National Security of the Jesuit leaders and would destroy the Oil Corp Petrol Dollar empire.

Download Stan’s out of print book : “The Birth of a New Technology” , 222 pages is ready for you to download in a .pdf file. 9/2014 “Someday ENERGY will be FREE to all inhabitants of the Earth” Bro Andrew ( the Holy Spirit told me this info.) That is the goal of WaterPoweredCar Inc.

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DOWNLOAD the lastest .pdf of how he did it. (4/2010)

He was a shame to hear that he was poisoned (March 98′) and longer with us. He died in the parking lot of a restaurant in his home town of Grove City, Ohio. Sharks came a week later and stole the the dune buggy and all of his experimental equipment, according to his brother, Steve. Stan said while he was alive, that he was threatened many times and would not sell out to Arab Oil Corp.s The dune buggy was later found and NOT stolen, the Holbrook family, hid it away in their garage. The Holbrooks were partners and friends of Stan. We hear Stephen Meyers knows as much as Stan does, but is afraid and says nothing. He is working with HHO boosting with semi trucks, last info., that we received. The Military was going to use this technology in their tanks, jeeps, etc. He had patents on his invention and was ready for production. Only $1,500 to equip your car! See the Videos above. No gasoline, just water. Stanley said he was offered a billion dollars from an Arab to basically shelf his idea. Stan said, “no, this technology is for the people.” Who you suppose poisoned Stan? A jealous onlooker? Do you think the Oil Corp.’s are happy to see a converted car running for FREE?? Our own US DOE, and the present administration are heavily involved in the Oil business. If GW wanted my respect,I’d have inventors like Stan on TV and with me in the White House, discussing how to save this dying planet and break the bonds of ruled corruption and greed. I have read the DOE’s hydrogen & fuel cell technology and they don’t mention making hydrogen from pure water, until the last page. They rather get hydrogen from hydrocarbons. They don’t mention “On Board Hydrogen Electrolysis” make the egas as you go. They talk about Hydrogen Gas Stations at how much per gallon? In the mean time, make sure the auto parts like your air filter, spark plugs and tune up items to make your car as fuel efficient as possible are up to date.

So what is happening with Stan’s Great Invention of the 20th Century!! Absolutely nothing. Are they manufacturing his invention. NO, Why not? because it would solve all the world’s problems today. That is NOT how politics work, MONEY is the ruler here. Common Sense is NOT for humans, only good for OUTLAWS & so called terrorists.? Huh? We live in a time when good is spoken of as evil and evil spoken up as good. Why do I say that because it is true. We were told the US twin towers was taken down by airplanes, when the truth is, it was taken down by C4 explosives. William Rodriguez holds the master key, he was there that day, he lost his job and 250 of his friends and colleges. Connect the dots, it is that simple. Sorry to have shocked you and made your face turn red, but Building #7 came down in 7 seconds, not reported in the 911 commission report. No planes hit that building, only a few office fires happened. It was all too fishy from me, and continues to stink like a dead rat.

All they talk about is hydrogen gas stations run by Shell and a Canadian Oil Firm. Then they talk all about “hydrogen fuel cells” which take a lifetime of gas burned just to make one fuel cell. A hydrogen fuel cell factory is a real SMOG factory. To explain better read on. There Fuel Cells are not as efficient as a “On board Hydrogen Electrolysis” fuel cell. Stan made the gas as he drove, no hydrogen tanks, no fuel cells, no need for Shell Hydrogen Stations. He spent 30 years of research all on his own.

GOOD NEWS! Stephen Meyer, Stan’s twin brother lives! He is into the same
technology! He stays low key, because he wants to live.
Why is there only one website on him? News 4/11/06

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Recent Harassment on a Stan Meyer Cell Builder in India 2-1-07
We are familiar with the suppression of free-energy devices. In the USA there have been literally thousands of cases – for example, Bill Williams for running his truck on a Joe Cell, T Henry Moray for pulling kilowatts out of the environment and Ed Gray for daring to have a power tube with an output power 100 times the input power.

In Australia there is intense opposition to anyone using the Nitro Cell on any engine. In New Zealand, to the magnetic motor of Robert Adams which is 700% efficient. In the UK, to devices for water-splitting and permanent magnet motors. In Japan to Teruo Kawai’s patented magnetic motor which is 160% efficient.

But in the last week there has been an instance of it in India, in spite of the fact that the bus service in Mumbai has been run on hydrogen for some years now. A man, who wishes to remain anonymous in order not to aggravate the current situation, has just been picked on. He has been running a business for the last 23 years and has a good relationship with his local Commercial Taxation Office staff.

He became interested in Dave Lawton’s replication and decided to try it for himself. The seven pictures which I have placed in the Files section of the Group in the folder “RAVZZ” show his high standard of workmanship. He encountered a minor problem with his implementation of the electronic driving circuit, and so contacted Dave Lawton for technical advice. This was given and the problem solved. He then e-mailed Dave some pictures showing his progress.

Within 8 hours, his premises were raided by nine people supposedly from the local Tax Office. In actual fact, six of them were from the local office and the other three were unknown to the locals who had been ordered to take them along. During their search of the place, the man was told that he would be well advised to discontinue all work connected to hydrogen. That shows clearly that the “raid” had nothing whatsoever to do with taxation and the Tax Office was just being used as an excuse to invade the privacy of an individual.

They spent six hours checking everything eventually left, taking commercial records with them, and subsequently requested that our friend attend their local office on Wednesday (the day before yesterday). He attended, sensibly taking people from his business as witnesses. The six local officials were there and they returned the records taken, stating that there was nothing wrong with the records or the tax position. They also said that they were bewildered by the whole affair. He asked them about the other three men, and they said that the Commissioners office had asked them to take them along….and they have no idea who they were!

He then had a long conversation with the Deputy Commercial Tax Officer who had came over to his place. He also seemed confused as to why they were hurried up to go over to his place from the Commissioners office. He said that the Commissioners office received a complaint from some higher authorities and these people were given written instructions (an unusual thing in itself) to go to his office and make some checks, usually this happens but the visits are done after 3-4 days of the receipt of the letter from the Commissioners office based on the time allotment, but in this case there were 4 calls directly from the Commissioners office to go over to his place immediately !!

This is a typical case of deliberate intimidation and it is unusual only because it is in India. It also shows that Dave Lawton’s e-mails are being intercepted and read as this man did not mention his hydrogen work to anyone else. Dave once made the mistake of applying for a development grant from his Local Authority. The grant was to help develop one of his inventions. He was visited by two unpleasant individuals who took away his written proposal. Nothing ever came of it and when Dave asked for his documents back, they lied, saying that they has posted them. When he pressured them, they did eventually send the documents back, and the date stamp on the envelope shows that the documents were posted long after they originally claimed that they had been sent. It turns out that these men have no connection with the Local Authority Grants section and it seems clear that they fall into the same category as the three “unknown” men in India who carried out the raid.
presumably, Dave’s phone calls and e-mails have been intercepted and monitored ever since and that is what triggered the raid in India.

The raid in India is very interesting in that it shows clearly that the opposition are very much afraid of Stan Meyer’s Water Fuel Cell. This implies that the cell is capable of producing serious amounts of free-energy and can break our dependency on fossil fuels.

February 2, 2007

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